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Hi everyone.

About four years ago I developed a large lump in the end joint of my index finger which was mildly painful. I had an X-ray and was told it was nothing to worry about. I then developed a second lump in the same place on my middle finger but this grew into a very large cyst. The joint wasn’t particularly painful but the cyst itself was, so I ended up having surgery to remove it in May which was successful. I was told by my surgeon this was a mucous cyst due to bone spurs and arthritis. Since May, I have developed another large cyst in exactly the same place on the opposite hand, and both of my thumbs now have large growths in the joints, with my left thumb swelling quite badly, being painful to use and having limited mobility, especially after a day at work.

I had to fight very hard to get them to operate to remove the cyst in May and foresee a bit of a fight to get any help with these new cysts. I’ve previously asked for information about arthritis is a bid to help myself and maintain function but I’ve had no advice. I don’t even know if this really is arthritis or what type but I’m starting to struggle at work, I’m losing my grip strength and finger mobility. I have a doctors appointment on Monday and don’t know what I should be asking for, I just know I need help before I lose my job.

Any advice?


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    Welcome Podge22

    So sorry to read about the cysts on your fingers that are affecting the artheritis. I really hope you are able to get some advice and comfort from the other forums and the other people on here.

    I have attached the website address for the versus artheritis. Feel free to have a look around and ask as many questions as you wish.

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Amanda-Jane x
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    Hi there and welcome from me too.

    I have RA and OA and what you describe sounds more like OA to me. Bone spurs are common with OA but don't usually develop into cysts. In your situation I'd want to ask my GP why. Do you bang them a lot in your work?

    I'd also ask if there was no way of treating the cysts without surgery. Could they simply be lanced? I don't think there's anything much to be done about bone spurs themselves. I have them all over the place and rheumatic nodules too.

    You could also ask about physio for your hands to help maintain grip and mobility. Physio can be very effective.

    Please let us know how you get on.
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