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I'm new to the forum (to state the obvious :D ). I have RA, was diagnosed eight years ago and have been on Hydroxychloroquine from the get go. Recently, I've had a super nasty flare-up (ongoing), was put on Leflunomide, which made me sick, so taken off it again (ouf). Now I await my next adventure in medicine! It's great to see this forum and I've enjoyed having a browse. So hello all, it's nice to meet you.


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    Nice to meet you too. Welcome to the creaking bones dept. I too have RA around 14 with first 10 didn’t make an impact. Last 4 have been challenging. I’ve had the meds you mention plus a biological infusion type. Before you know if my body doesn’t like them even if given before. What can you do but keep on trying. Gotta laugh. Good luck with finding the magic one for you.
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    Hello and good to meet you too.

    I take hydroxy and methotrexate. Never had any problems but there are just the occasional one or two who struggle with hydroxy. I hope the next med works better for you.
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