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I have only recently heard about them. Is anyone using them now? I've read amazing reports. My rheumatology team have never mentioned bios and I came across them quite by accident. I'd love to hear first hand experience as I'm having a pretty bad time on my drugs & would like to bring the topic up with my consultant. Thanks.


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    Hi Nyheb

    Can you expand a little on what you mean by "bios" please. I'm not sure if you mean drugs that are "biosimilar"?

    If so, then this page on our website may be of interest:

    Best wishes
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    Hi Nyheb

    I’m wondering if you mean Biologics?

    I’ve been on Benepali, the bio-similar of Etanercept, for the last fifteen months.
    It has changed my life!
    Mind you, it took me ten years of faffing about on other DMARDs to get there.

    I think the reason that they’re generally not first line treatment of RA is down to a few reasons.
    If your disease can be controlled with cheaper, less risky meds then it seems sensible that they be tried first, frustrating though that is.

    Benepali costs the NHS c £200 a doses d I have one a week. I still have to take methotrexate but a lower dose than before.
    It’s reduced my RA symptoms by about 95% - but that’s at the cost of increased susceptibility to infections and a few issues with benign papilloma on my scalp.
    I’ll take it, though, because I can now do all the things I used to do prior to RA