Really need help stressing out

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Hi everyone I've currently been off work for 6 months and have now gone on half pay is there anything I can claim as this will just cover my rent and Bill's and wont have anything left over. Feeling like I'm having to go back into work when I'm still having investigations and just not up to going back yet. Feeling stressed and down with it all.


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    Get hold of your nearest CAB as soon as you can, depending upon your condition/prognosis you may be able to claim ESA and PIP but be warned there are likely to be considerable delays on both but if approved they will be back-dated to the date of claiming. I think that Universal Credit will fill the gap too. Also check out
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    Hi Jayuk

    You might like to talk in confidence to our free Helplines which are open Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm on 0800 5200 520

    They may well be able to provide some practical suggestions on who to get in touch with regarding financial support and also how to cope with stress, strong feelings and coping with your situation.

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    Hi jayuk

    i am currently in the same place as you and had to agree with going back to work when I don’t feel ready, I applied for Pip but was refused, have appealed, my work have said I need to do work that is hard and sometimes heavy, they have supported some staff but feel they don’t want to support me