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Since my second steroid injection hasn't proved successful.......i was warned that it wouldn't but was so desperate for pain relief. The pain killers are now useless. I have been told that at my next appointment to see the consultant they will discuss the possibility of a hip replacement. They weren't keen initially because of my age and my epilepsy, but it's got to the stage where the arthritis and using walking sticks is having so much of an impact both inside and outside of the home. Hoping that's appointment will be in about a month, but with waiting lists the way they are it could be a lot longer. A hip operation, if i get the go ahead, might not happen until next year.


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    My husband is currently waiting for a hip op. I think I remember that you, too, are in Scotland. If so, they must operate within 12 weeks of accepting you for one. Good luck :D
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