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I've had a read of the pinned post at the top of the topic list but it doesn't completely answer my query so here goes . . . .

I'm lucky enough to be going away for a month to NZ and will need an insulated thingie to carry my Benepali because the last dose I'll take whilst away will be over the amount of time they're allowed to be out of cold storage before being used.

Does anyone have experience of these insulated containers?
H@H has offered me one at £35 but there are cheaper ones online, mainly designed for diabetics.
I'll need to carry four doses of Benepali and four Metoject.
I know the latter only need to be kept under 25c but it's convenient to store everything together - I usually keep them in the fridge in the summer anyway.

Also - does anyone have experience of taking these meds through foreign airport security? We're transiting through LA to Auckland.
I've never had any issues on domestic flights. I present my wee tupperware box and the H@H letter which says they mustn't go through the x-ray scanner - they usually do a security swab round the box - and I'm good to go.

Any other advice about meds will be gratefully received.
I'll also be carrying asthma inhalers, paracetamol, ibuprofen and a small amount of codeine and prednisolone, just in case.


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    I honestly don't know but would advise you not to wing it.

    LA, where we go annually, can be funny at security - sometimes really finicky: others, like this year, waving through all the under 15s and over 75s as they were incredibly busy.

    I can only say do ensure you have a current prescription to hand.

    I can't remember the site but there is one where you can google what you're taking into USA to see if t's OK. No knowledge of NZ, I'm afraid but do have a great time.

    P. S. Is it essential to take the last dose of benepali? Could you just miss it? Your rheumatology helpline might be able to advise.
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    NZ is beautiful, I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks on South Island a few years ago. I took all manner of disease modifiers and various meds for bronchiectasis, pain relief etc. I took a copy of my repeat prescription which my GP signed with a sentence to confirm it was all regular meds, and my lung specialist kindly wrote a letter to confirm the prednisolone/antibiotics/inhalers were prescribed for bronchiectasis. I did declare the meds on landing in Christchurch, the customs officer glanced at the letters and waved me through.

    As I recall the NZ website has clear information about taking in medication. I wonder whether your GP or rheumatology team could furnish you with a letter to carry? There may be a cost attached via the GP, but better than having your meds seized at the airport.

    Do make sure you have enough of all your meds, and a repeat prescription in case you need it whilst away. I keep all my meds in my hand luggage in case of lost hold luggage enroute.

    Enjoy New Zealand, it's an incredibly long journey, but I thoroughly enjoyed the destination.

    Deb x