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Hi All,

Glad to be here, been a long time lurker and getting frustrated now so wondering if anyone has any ideas why I feel like I'm falling apart, lol.

I approached my GP over a year ago with sore, swollen, stiff hands. Bloods showed elevated inflammatory markers but don't know reading. GP referred me to Rheumatologist and they did x-rays and US on hands and said I had mild osteo-arthritis in hands and sent me to Occupational Therapy. It took a year to get this appt and inbetween times I had put my back out in September last year and there was and still is pain and trouble bending down now.

Long story short, I started with the OA in my hands, next I put my back out in September last year and it's still not right, my OT referred me to Physio and the appts are pretty spread out, around 1 a month. I now also according to Physio and the pain have tennis elbow, golfers elbow in right arm and possible shoulder impingement left arm. My right shoulder and left elbow are starting to get sore and I have pain in the balls of my feet and get pain on and off in my right knee and hip and feel it's only a matter of time before this spreads and the pain elevates to both sides of my body.

My whole body aches when I wake up or have been sitting or standing too long and I feel I'm getting exercises by physio for some of the pains but not getting any answers to what is actually wrong. I feel like it's something systemic and I say that to them all but feel no-one is trying to actually find out what it is.

Sorry for the long rant, hopefully someone can shed some light.



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    I can't help as I know what I have but on reading your post I find myself wondering how often you do your physio exercises. I do mine from twenty years ago on a daily basis plus others I've learned along the way as other troubles arose. They do nothing to stop the spread or repair the damage caused by my psoriatic and osteoarthritis but they do help to keep my muscles stronger and more flexible in order to better support my many wonky joints. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben