Cant seem to get a diagnosis and living in pain

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Hi i have been suffering pain in my body since 2012 when i was 41 years old. One day i just got pain in my feet and pain in both knees and elbows. One week they would hurt bad and the next the pain would move somewhere else. I was eventually referred to the rheumatologist who said i had arthritis in my feet but because when she squeezed my arm i didn't scream in pain she said i didn't have fibro. 2 years ago i was referred again as my pain had got worse and my hips were hurting plus i was extremely tired all the time, again she squeezed my arm and said i didn't have RA i was diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome and she blamed me not sleeping properly for my tiredness, which is more like exhaustion. Today i went to the Dr as i couldn't lift my shoulder away from my body and i am crawling up the stairs as knees and feet hurt so much and Dr examined me and said i don't have fibro. I asked about being referred again as im in agony and he said he could deal with things. He told me i cant have RA because i have no inflammatory markers in my blood, my mother had sero negative RA and similar symptoms to me. The Dr has dismissed me and all my symptoms and says i have inflammatory osteoarthritis, how he knows this i don't know as i have not had any bloods taken in 2 years? i asked about sero negative RA and was again dismissed. I am now in a situation where i am 47 in pain all day every day and trying to cope yet the Drs base their tests on squeezing my arms, my bones hurt and click out of position knees hips shoulders thumbs and feet are very bad, sometimes my elbows. Where can i go for help as im at my witts end.


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    Welcome to the forum,you must be very frustrated at your lack of progress with your GP. You could ask for a second opinion as that is open to everyone, If you would lime you could ring our number to talk to someone and get advice. It is 0800 520 0520, our helpline.
    Everyone on this forum has Arthritis of some kind and so also knows the pain and frustration of getting a diagnosis. The most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best Christine
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    Hi b33chams
    Thank you for posting on the forum. I’m sorry to hear you are in so much pain. It must be so frustrating that after all this time you still haven’t had a diagnosis.
    I have attached what is arthritis, and the inflammatory pathway, so hopefully this may answer some questions for you.
    It may also be worth contacting the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, for help and advice about the markers in your blood.
    I really hope that you will get the answers that you need in the very near future.
    If you'd like any further information, or to talk about your arthritis you'd be most welcome to ring our free phone.

    Best wishes
    Chris Helpline Advisor