Knee replacement

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Been advised to see surgeon to discuss partial knee replacement of left leg . I'm 66 years old . MRI shows its bone on bone . Hip now also objecting . I want to keep moving . Any tips for should should nots .


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    I can't help much but the common sense 'shoulds' are exercising suitably to keep the upper leg muscles in both legs as strong and flexible as possible to aid recovery, if necessary try to lose some weight as that can be a factor in being refused surgery, resting the affected joint/joints whenever possible and not overdoing anything as this will merely exacerbate pain and joint deterioration. Needing surgery is no guarantee that it will happen and the waiting lists are long so there is plenty of time to begin to get fitter etc. thus proving your committment to the process. Those who have been there and done that are rarely around to help or encourage folk like you leaving us who still struggle to cheer people on. :lol: DD
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    I’ve had a knee replacement about 20 months ago and it’s helped my stability, range of movement loads, I’m very happy. I did have other joints examined and x-rayed to determine which needed doing first!

    I had the exercises you would do after the operation a good few months beforehand and I did them regularly before the operation and with both legs and I’m sure that and losing weight made an amazing difference to my recovery. I was operated on a Friday and went home on the Sunday! I did have my husband around full time mind you. Most went home after days and my information re exercise etc was given after the surgeon saw me by the hospital, so maybe something to mention at your appointment if it’s not done automatically.

    So see the surgeon, check out exercise and decide if you need to check your weight and keep positive!

    Take care