Baker's cyst

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Anybody had any treatment for a painful Baker's cyst? It appeared a few months ago, gets worse with exercise or just standing for a long time. I thought it might go away on its own. I see the consultant next week and wonder if there's anything they can do for it that I should ask about. Steroid injection? Do I need it scanned? The knee is very, very stiff.


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    I think it's just rest and pain relief. I believe they can maybe aspirate if it's exceptionally bad but mostly they just go in their own sweet time. Mr SW's did.
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    Hi elmbow

    Our page on Osteoarthritis of the knee has a clear description of what is a baker’s cyst. As Stickywicket says, there doesn’t appear to be any specific treatment for the condition.

    The page does have a good section on management of osteoarthritis of the knee and you may find some of this helpful.

    Best wishes