Arthritis, Depression and Studies

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I have been feeling really tired and low for about a month now and haven't been able to complete my course well do my exam online. The Arthritis has been painful in my ankles and knees and at the same time when I get home from work and I just want to sleep, go to my bed no energy to do anything else. Then one day I said to my self enough is enough I can do this and I spoke to a friend that encouraged, inspired and supported me by calling me weekly. Then I was at work last week and it was a quiet afternoon and I took the opportunity to do my exam. I started to do my Mock and got my results straight afterwards with a Pass :D. Then I got nervous to do the final exam. I took added breathe and said to myself I can do this. I completed the final and Pass with Higher Distinction. :D
I am so happy with myself that I have accomplish a course that I wanted to do for so long but was struggling with the Arthritis and Depression, but then I made it and currently doing Advanced level.
I just want to put this on the group to say that even when your feeling low and tired but want to achieverify your goal don't give up keep trying, believe you can do it and that Victory is yours.


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    That's brilliant. Well done, you!

    I think you should copy and paste this onto our 'triumphs' thread which I'll bump up for you.

    Well done, also, to your supportive friend. Just a few encouraging words can make such a difference in everyone's life.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Thank you Marcia for posting such a lovely inspiring message :D

    I hope it helps those of us feeling low and dispirited at the moment and in future t4591

    Keep on the way you're going!


    Toni xx