Sneaky DWP.

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I was recently awarded PIP, with reduced mobility and (new to me) standard care. The new figures are due to begin on 02.10.19 and as you may know are paid in arrears: my award letter stated the first payment will be going in to my bank on 30.10.19 to cover the period from 02.19 to 29.10. That's fine.

I checked my bank today and found a payment from DWP of paid-in-arrears mobility but at the standard rate for mobility, not my old higher rate as under DLA. Sneaky or what? I am fortunate that the few extra quid are not essential but for those for whom it is that is not on, is it? I am not one for raising a fuss and won't be but it strikes me as somewhat duplicitous. DD
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    Personally, I will be so pleased when the system is finally reformed and we get back to a system that treats people needing support from the state as human beings again.

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    Ooooh! The cheeky things!!! :x

    They'll grab every penny won't they? :roll:

    Well-done for at least getting awarded something!


    Toni xxx