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After my operation 5 time 6 months ago my work colleagues were not very supportive I felt excluded and no one said welcome back or sent me a get well card. However because I like what I do I carried on with my work.and picked up where I left off.
After my Phase to work and appointment to see the work occupational therapist my anxiety level went up. I went to see the Therapist to be Assessed and I was informed that I come under the dusabits Act and that a copy if the report will be sent to the Head Office.
Hooray. After my review I finally got 1 Manager looking out from me to use the Computer because staff were being Territorial. I am due to be assessed again for the right chair and other equipment to be used at work. Also which I was not expecting after Adult Social Services OT assessed me finally, I got a bath chair on my request that lowers me in the bath and I can use for shower too that supports my back.
I would never of known about what I could claim or what's out there to support if I hadn't made the call to Versus Arthritis and read the Community Line. This has helped me to be know my rights, make applications for Health Freedom Pass, application for PIP and useful.gadgets to use at home.
Thank you Versus Arthritis and to everyone on the group who has shared information.
Thank you.


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    This is brilliant news Marcia! Thank you for taking the time to let us know of these successes. It sounds as though it will make a great deal of difference to your everyday life. So glad that you have been able to discover and access the help that you are entitled to.
    very best wishes,