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Hi everyone

I'm on here to get advice for my non-computer using wife.
Her arthritis is now severely affecting the use of her hands and we are accumulating a collection of aids for this.

I'm having trouble finding one that will help her use a pressurised mouth spray (for another problem) as she can't get enough power in her finger to depress the top of the bottle.

Can anyone help?


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    Hi and welcome - sorry to hear your wife is struggling but I'm sure you will get all the advice you require here.
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    Hi Grandad and welcome from me too. My hands are hopeless (I've had RA for going on 60 years) and, although I've found lots of very useful gadgets, there are some things that do defeat me.

    You could try asking your GP / pharmacist if her medication comes with a different type of applicator. Sometimes different brands do. I have mild asthma and can only use one sort of applicator. Failing that, the GP / pharmacist might be able to suggest an entirely different way of getting the active ingredient - diet changes, pills etc. Sometimes we just assume things are as they are but sometimes they don't have to be. Good luck :D
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    Welcome to the forums from me too Grandad :)

    I can imagine only to well how using one of those must be almost impossible for your poor wife :?

    I was going to say too that I would ask the pharmacist whether the medication can be given in a different way. I am supposing that you are helping at the moment, but your wife is wanting to be independent.

    Best of luck

    Toni xx