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dear all
my name is kaz, i have had an injury hence the reason why i am off work, i have been off work since with osteoarthritis and meniscus knee tear, my knee is swollen cant get a decent nights sleep just have nightmares all the time
i have been off work since september 2018
i cannot stand too long or walk far distance, its very frustrating and annoying, instead of my consultant helping me just says i have to lose weight all the time, i feel he just dont care .
i cant bend down with my knee, cant kneel down when i make my bed im on universal credit who only give me 200 pounds a month for myself and bills, i really want to go back to work as i work in a nursing home as a senior care assistant
im on amitriptyline but not really helping and got physio on 24th october

please does anyone have any advise for me



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    Hi Kaz,

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear how much you've been suffering and how difficult you are finding daily life.

    If you follow this link to information on osteoarthritis and scroll down there is a section on coping with sleep problems and also some stretching and strengthening exercises, which may be worth trying until you see the physio, who will hopefully be able to suggest specific exercises for you:

    There is more detail about the idea of sleep hygiene here:

    The sleep information may seem obvious, or may be mainly things you have tried already, but I'm including it in case there could be anything useful to you. If nothing else it may be worth keeping a sleep diary so that you can spot any possible patterns and report how much it is affecting you to your healthcare professionals.

    I hope things improve for you. I'm sure you will find supportive folk with similar experiences on here. Do keep in touch and let us know how your physio goes.

    best wishes,

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    Hi Kaz

    Welcome to the forum from me too :D

    Nothing worse than not sleeping is there? Are you on any pain meds as well as the amiptrip' I wonder? Remember if you are that some are available in slow release so should last long enough for you to sleep.

    I know they always want us to loose weight which isn't easy with mobility issues :roll: . Despite that many people on here have managed to loose a good amount. There was GraceB Turbogran...Grace 111 and others you can search their posts for their stories if it helps.

    Your job though is really physical and your knee needs to be better first - I bet you can't wait for October to start getting it better.

    Best of luck

    Toni xx
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    Hi Kaz

    Welcome to the forums ,

    I also have oesteoarthiritis of the knee right, and injured my left knee over 5 weeks ago,I’ve been having investigations done and had MRI done 2 weeks ago,I have appt to get my MRI results next wk,and are dreading what they are going to say.
    I’ve got feeling I’ve torn my meniscus as been on crutches past few weeks.
    I’m off sick from work last 6 weeks,as I work in hospital and was struggling walking standing and kneeling .
    I’m struggling walking any distance and am limping badly .
    I’m also a new member and was diagnosed this year with oesteoarthiritis .
    You will find we’re friendly bunch and this site has been a great resource with info and advice and support .
    Good Luck hope you find site useful 😁