Who would have guessed?

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Last December I had an infection in the salivary glands in the right side of my jaw and a sore throat. A short course of antibiotics and it seemed to clear up. But ever since I have had a swollen salivary gland under my jaw and a sore throat. Well I say sore it feels dry and tickles my voice changes and I sometimes choke on food or tablets.
After several fruitless visits to the GP I saw one who examined my mouth and found a swollen gland she said I had to have an urgent referral as some of my symptoms were worrying ( I wasn't until then). The appointment arrived with leaflets about cancer and I have spent the last 2 weeks stressing.
But today I saw the lovely oral surgeon who has said he thinks it is due to the nerve involvement in the disc damage in my neck causing the symptoms. But to be sure and to rule anything else out he has referred me to an ENT consultant and is ordering an ultrasound of my neck. So to say I am relieved would be an understatement and I am looking forward to trying to get a bit more sleep tonight. I have had the damage in my neck for 20 years now and never imagined it could be the cause of this.


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    Well, the list of problems caused by this arthritis malarkey never cease to amaze me :o

    I’m so glad you had a quick appointment and got some reassurance, also good that they are making absolutely sure with the ultrasound.

    Hope you’ve caught up on sleep now, I think this would have me heading for a cream cake, I’ll have to sneak in Val's cafe for some there as I’m trying - no losing weight, half a stone has gone and it’s not Christmas yet, and I’m back to feeling a bit stable health wise, my neck was being the problem and I was worried about driving :cry:

    Wazz xx
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    Hi wazz 42 I did sleep a little better last night my problem was my brain had gone into over drive as I used to work on a head and neck cancer ward. I never considered it could be from my neck which has been a real pain lately but you never know what Arthur has in store for you. I have learnt to roll with the punches but it does get embarrassing in cafes when you suddenly start choking and can't stop, maybe I'll have to visit Val's café myself enjoy your virtual cream cake. Stellabean
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    I've never had that problem but choking is one of my party turns :wink: due to neck damage plus GORD and hiatus hernia. I specialise in thick liquids, rarely food, but can do it anywhere, anytime. So far I've always managed to start breathing again :D I hope the consultant says the right things.
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