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Hi only just seen this forum & thought it worth joining in.
I have been a sufferer for 20+ years & although had a number of joint replacements still like everyone else suffer from constant pain & sleepless nights.
But feel luck that I have been able to stay in employment, although it remains limited.
Osteoarthritis is my condition affecting most of my joints of which have been replaced or required metalwork & surgery.


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    Hi Ninebot and welcome to the Versus Arthritis Forums.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been suffering with OA on a long-term basis and have had to undergo extensive surgery.

    I hope you find getting involved in some of the forums worthwhile and derive benefit from your participation.

    There's lots of useful information on our website and if you ever feel the need our helpline is 0800 520 0520.

    Kind Regards
    ChrisB (Moderator)
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    Hi Ninebot and welcome from me too. First off, congratulations on continuing to work despite all that arthritis has thrown at you. That can't be easy. I had to give up after my first son was born. He's now nearly 50 :lol: RA led to OA and then hip and knee replacements. I do manage to sleep reasonably well though which helps a lot. Please do join us on Living With Arthritis. I'm sure you'll have much to contribute.
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    Hello, I am 23 years in with both psoriatic and osteoarthritis, I was refused new knee joints when I was 52 so won't bother now as other bits are so much worse the thought of greatly reduced pain in one area is terrifying. Good quality sleep is a thing of the past but now I'm retired it's not an issue; I retired when I was 55 (I was self-employed so had an understanding boss) and it ranks as one of the better decisions I have made: I was fortunate in that my spouse had a good job so money was not an issue.

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, for obvious reasons it's not the happiest of places but new voices are always welcome. DD
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