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Hi everyone

Has anyone out there used Capsaicin Cream/Gel for their hand OA, if so have they received any benefit and if so how do they overcome the issue of the wash hands after application instructions :lol:


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    Hi Shar68 and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forums.

    Sorry to hear you have Osteoarthritis in your hands. From the trials noted on our website, it appears that Capsaicin cream works for some but is not a full proof pain relief for everyone.

    Since you are applying it to your hands, does it need to be washed off after application? :?

    I look forward to reading any further replies :D

    Best wishes
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    Presumably washing hands is twofold, firstly as with any topical application you wash it off where it isn't needed(eg using ibuprofen gel on a knee) and secondly as capsaicin is chillies, you don't want the risk of getting it in eyes or other sensitive places!
    This link(you don't need to do anything about the cookie request - the text will scroll up anyway although with a grey overlay)
    suggests waiting for 30 mins before washing if it is being used to treat hands.
    Otherwise check with a pharmacist.
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    Apply it then wear latex gloves for an hour or so after by which time it should have soaked in and done what it's going to do. DD
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