Second hip replacement looming

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Hi everyone,
I had a hip replacement to my left hip two years ago which has never really settled and always aches with a "toothache" like pain. The medics have investigated everything possible and have been very good but say that the replacement is perfect. Now facing replacement surgery to my other hip, the right hip in two weeks time and really nervous in case this happens with this hip!!! I'm hoping that when I've recovered from the surgery I will be walking properly and that this may help me to feel stronger and healthier in regards to the original surgery. Has anyone else experienced this ???


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    Good morning

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. You will find the members of the forum friendly and will give you ideas about how they have coped with this problem. There are several members on here that have had total hip replacements. You will find support, advice, empathy, light relief and friendship within the forum.

    I am one of the forum moderators and we all have one or more of the Arthritis "hanger on" or look after family with similar. All of us on here, as well as the help line members, are volunteers and therefore have no medical knowledge.

    At the top of this page you will find buttons that will lead to all the various subjects Versus Arthritis cover.

    I hope your total hip replacement operation goes to plan and you will find yourself in less pain. I look forward to reading your future posts and to see how you are doing.

    Best wishes
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    Hi gillybilly and welcome.

    I've had both hips and knees replaced, all very successfully. My recipe for success is to do all the given exercises both before and after surgery and afterwards to prioritise the exercises and rest above all else. many people think once they can walk a bit they can drop them. Not so. Walking will strengthen some muscles but not all. The given exercises are what really help.

    Good luck :D
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