First hip replacement two weeks ago

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I am 46 and had my first hip replacement two weeks ago after 10 years of pain. The last twelve months were particularly hard.I am mindful that this hip needs to last as long as possible and am looking for advice really.

I am doing my exercises and making sure I get some rest each day. What else can people recommend? Any diet tips? Foods to avoid or supplements that could help?

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    Hello and welcome Motherofdragons to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    Congratulations on having your new hip. As with any operation it takes time to adjust, particularly after an hip operation. It's great that you are mindful of how to look after yourself from all aspects of diet and exercise. We have many forum members who have had hip operations and I'm certain they will be on hand to offer some good help, advice and support.

    Please feel free to give our experienced Versus Arthritis Helplines a call on 0800 520 0520.

    Enjoy the forum.


    I like your users name.
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    Hi there, motherofdragons. Oh me too :lol:

    I've had both hips and knees replaced, all very successfully. I don't think diet actually plays a part though, obviously, keeping the weight down does. My recipe for success is more or less exactly what you're doing. The exercises are all-important as they get to the bits that normal walking doesn't. Other than that I think it's just a mater of being sensible (that dreaded word :lol: 0 With both my hip replacements i found I could tell when the time had come where I could tackle the harder things without risking dislocation. I never rushed anything. Maybe because i have had RA in most joints for most of my life I've never been tempted to 'risk' my implants by bungee jumping or free fall parachuting etc. i think twisting movements are the most dangerous so maybe check with a physio before trying dancing, golf etc. However, I believe these things are usually OK once everything is well-established and muscles recovered. Good luck!
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