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How do you cope everyday with arthiritis.

Any advice would be appreciated. t2507


  • dreamdaisy
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    Distraction, exercise, minimum pain relief, rest, all fitted in around the daily chores and regular blasts of fun. DD
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    I think DD has managed to say the lot in one, short sentence.

    Distraction and exercises are key for me. Anything that absorbs our attention and stops us focusing on pain is great. Exercises are essential to maintain muscle strength and thus slow deterioration.
  • Kitty
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    Don't forget quality sleep.

  • dreamdaisy
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    I have no idea what that is and cannot remember what it felt like to wake up with enthusiasm for the coming day. :lol:

    There are times when it all gets too much and my ability to cope dwindles. That is the time I indulge myself with some cossetting such as using a luxury body moisturiser, lighting a lovely scented candle, watching some very sub-standard daytime TV until things (or rather me) perk up again. DD
  • Juttle
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    I keep telling myself that I’m bigger than this and I’m not going to let it beat me. Makes me a right miserable (please insert suitable expletive here) at times and I just keep away from the rest of the family until it passes.

    It does win at times and then it’s the meds, but I’ve found the best pain relief is in your head. The very worst thing to do is curl up in a corner and think “woe is me” or similar!
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    On a good day I’m buzzing...well kind of. Bad day. Acknowledge it will pass,top up on meds,rest and eat a bar of chocolate . Well maybe half. It does pull us down,makes us mardy and I am honest saying not a good day today folks. We have to find our own way of dealing with life learning some skills along the way. People near to me don’t need telling and any distraction is a bonus