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New here and looking for some advice before I go mad with pain.

About 9 months ago a podiatrist and Physio noticed that I had a bit of osteoarthritis under my big toe, I have a high arch foot and was doing lots of running so this was no big deal, the physio changed my orthotics and I hoped that was the end of it.

However all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago my walking went funny like I was rolling out across my ankle even more because I couldn't push off from my big toes and I was getting pain in my lower legs. It's like it has now progressed or my foot has got weaker.

This has now progressed to the point where my feet are in pain all the time under my toes and especially on the outside just below my little toe. I also don't know if some of the pain is muscular as well as from all the pronation the muscles get tighter and tighter.

The Dr sent me for X rays and I am waiting for the results but my question is will arthritis show on Xrays or do I need a MRI?

Also will the pain settle down eventually and is this just a flare up or is this it forever now?

Also my main concern is that will my walking be affected for ever or can you get it back to some normality, it seems to have got progressivley worse over the past 9/12 months (mainly because we got a dog and I started walking a lot) but my walking gait is awful the past couple of weeks to the point where I have to stick my feet out otherwise I will just roll my ankle.

Thanks for reading and any advice would be great.


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    Hi Phil82

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community on behalf of the Moderating team. We have lots of very supporting members with a huge amount of experience of Arthritis. Everyone will try to help you as much as they can.

    I am sorry to hear you are suffering with feet, ankles and now leg pain. I am not at all surprised you are worried and hope your GP will get to the bottom of the problem for you very quickly. If your GP considers it useful he/she can refer you for an MRI.

    We are not medically trained on here, but can share our own experiences with one another. Hopefully someone will be along soon who has/had similar symptoms to yourself.

    In the meantime I am attaching a link to information on the subject which is useful to read:


    This specifically about foot and ankle pain:


    Do let us know how you get on

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    Hello, I don't think I can help much as I'm arthritically years ahead of you and have two kinds of arthritis in both feet. I do have a friend with very high arches (his feet look deformed) who is now in the very early stages of osteoarthritis. He has started supplements and I haven't the heart to tell him that's too little, too late and a waste of money.

    Once we feel pain somewhere in our feet we unconciously alter the way we walk and stand, trying to reduce the discomfort. It never works, it merely alters where we feel the pain and helps it develop elsewhere. I think it best to wait until you have had the results through so we know what we're dealing with. I found early on that I had to pay more attention to how I walked (I still do) and have used aids since 2002. What pain relief are you taking? I take it your footwear is properly supportive and don't do too much for too long: take the dog out three or four times per day rather than one or two longer outings. I have no idea how thngs will progress, some are lucky and get away with not much, others (like me) do things properly :wink::lol:

    Please let us know what the Xray shows, that is the usual way osteoarthritis is diagnosed as the damage is clear, MRIs are more usual for the auto-immune inflammatory kinds. DD
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    Hi thanks for the reply.

    Oh dear I have just started taking suppliments :lol: although I am alos hoping that will help my muscles as well not just the arthritis.

    Does your friend have a neurological condition as well as his arthritis? with having high arch feet.

    I should have said I also have some mystery neurological condition that makes me have massive leg muscles and calf hypertrophy but no one can work out what it is. Every test I have I pass with flying colours I have been through Rheumatology and all their millions of blood tests and I have now had 2 x EMG/Nerve tests and everything was clear.

    The big muscles make me very heavy on my feet andI basically slap my feet down hard, hence why the dog walking has probly done the damage.

    Yes I wear supporting shoes and I have custom orthotics which have just been altered to help with big toes flexibility. Although I go through shoes in a few weeks so it's a bit of a minefield, these past few weeks it's like I can't wair trainers anymore as they are to soft and I roll but hard shoes hurt the soles of my feet to much.

    No pain relief just the odd ibuprofen but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
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    So, you're a bit of a medical mystery, Phil. I'm sorry about that as, interesting though you may be to docs, it doesn't help you much.

    I don't have your experiences as I've had Ra for most of my life but thart does mean I've had a lot to do with orthotists and physios. I can't help on the shoe front (Whart type does your orthotist advise?) but I'm a physiotherapist bore :wink: I'm a huge believer in it. Not that it will banish arthritis (if only :roll: ) but that it helps us to deal with it and not inadvertently make things worse. NHS physios tend to have long waiting lists so, if you can, I'd suggest finding a good private one who specialises in musculo-skeletal problems.

    Ibuprofen does tend to work better if taken regularly but, if doing so, ensure you are prescribed a stomach-protecting med to take also. And, if you want to try supplements, check with your pharmacist that they won't clash with any prescribed meds.
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    Hello again Phil82 and no, he doesn't. He has high blood pressure (inherited from both parents who died within months of each other with heart attacks) so e takes medication, eats well and keeps fit (he plays senior hockey but those days may be numbered as he will be sixty next year). His wife also has very high arches, after years of doing sport and dance she has developed osteoarthritis in both feet and is in full-denial as she is used to being very active and will not believe she can't / shouldn't do stuff anymore. She'll learn. DD
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    Hi Phil!

    I was wondering about something neurological too oddly enough reading your post.

    When my back went finally many years ago I lost the feeling totally in one leg until I had surgery but some of the pains you describe in foot and leg are reminiscent of what I have been left with.

    I am very interested to hear how you get on

    Toni xx