Knee replacement

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I am new to this I have severe osteoarthritis in both knees
I have recently had a total knee replacement in one off them
I am now in more pain than before I had operation
The operation was 8 months ago and I am still in pain and the swelling is not going down has anyone else experienced this


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    Hi and welcome,there are many here that have had replacements and willing to share their experience,I hope you get the answers you seek.
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    Hi sand. I'm sorry you've had such a rough time of things after your TKR operation. I've had both my knees replaced with great results.

    What does your surgeon say? And your physio? I know, occasionally, if people don't get much bend, the knee can be manipulated under anaesthetic.

    Did you do all the prescribed exercises after your op because they really help things to settle down? If not, it's never too late though it will be harder.
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    Hello, I am sorry things have not worked out as you might have hoped. Joint replacement is major surgery and, as such, recovery is often far longer (and much harder work) than people anticipate. It is also painful in the early days which can put people off from doing the exercises as often or as thorougly as they should.

    The natural tendency, once the surface has healed, is to think the deeper healing is also complete but that is often not the case. The older one is the slower healing happens - a child will heal faster than a teen, who heals faster than an adult who in turn heals faster than a pensioner, that is just a fact of biological life. I have heard estimates of full recovery taking between a year and eighteen months but it is hard to quantify as everyone is unique in their biology, their attitudes, how hard they work at it etc. I was refused new knees eight years ago and now won't bother as everything else is so much worse. :lol:

    Keep up with your post-op physio (do a little and often rather than a lot every now and again), rest to help your whole body recover and I hope that all comes good soon. DD
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