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Hi, I am currently on my second Biologic for PsA (Secukinamab) prior to that I was on Humira which failed after approximately 2.5 years of working well. I have only had a more partial response to Secukinamab since starting it 12 months ago. I would say it only partially alleviates the symptoms of joint swelling and pain for approximately 2 weeks per month. My joint pain and swelling is increasing progressively each month and my skin plaques are also returning.
At a recent review I was informed that under the NICE Guidelines I am entitled to try 3 different Biologics ‘as of right’ but following that there would need to be individual application for funding. Therefore I was advised not to rush to move to a third Biologic. Can you shed any further light on this for me? In particular what are the chances that I would not be granted individual funding or is this merely routine as this is causing me quite a bit of anxiety. I am also considering moving to either Wales or Scotland is it correct that I would then be able to start again with the entitlement to 3 Biologics? Are there any restrictions on this that I should be aware of? Thank you for your assistance.