Hip dislocation from the front

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I had a hip replacement in March of this year. Unfortunately I had a dislocation a week later. The dislocation came out from the front which I am told is very unusual. I had it manipulated back into place and had to wear a leg brace for three months. I am told that there are no extra I can do other than walking which I still find difficult. Has anyone else had the same experience?


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    No I have not even seen a physiotherapist. My Consultant told me there were no exercises I could do, just to keep walking.
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    Sorry to hear of this, Buster. I've had both hips replaced with no problems but I remember the person on the thread that our webmanager gave. there was one exercise recommended.

    I guess you just have to be very careful indeed until all has settled down internally. How disappóinting! What about asking your GP to refer you to a physio? It doesn't have to be a consultant.
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