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Hi I’ve joined today but have had osteo arthritis since my early 20s (now 57) I’ve recently started weight training with a personal trainer and I have to say I’ve never felt better. My OA is worse in my knees and shoulders but the last couple of months it’s started in my hands and I was worried it would seriously disrupt life but I am coping well despite everything. I work full time but now my gym routine is really my new best friend and would recommend to anyone whatever age and however little you have tried before. I appreciate not everyone can afford a personal trainer and I’ve spent years wishing I could but finally decided it’s now or never and so glad I did. Sorry for the lengthy post but feeling so positive I just needed to share


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    Hello and thank you for sharing your success. Quite why your post has landed on the least-used forum I don't know - if you would like more to read your post then it's probably best repost on either the Say Hello or Living with Arthritis boards, more look in on those!

    I worked with a PT and had some success, I am now a 'sister doing it for herself' as that is infinitely cheaper! DD
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    Have moved this thread from Technical Support to Say Hello forum :D

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    Please don't apologise for a post that certainly isn't lengthy, Sue. It's great to hear such a good news story.

    I'm always banging on about the value of exercise. I have RA and OA and am not really 'gym material' :lol: Last time I went all machines had to be klowered as far as they'd go for me. But I have stuff which I do at home and don't know where I'd be without it.

    Please keep posting. The positivity is uplifting :D
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