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Hi I've just joined today. Recently diagnosed with oestoarthristis in my knees. Gp sent me away to await seeing orthopedic surgeon, with pain killers. No anti inflammatory drugs due to cardiac risk. I'm struggling with the pain, the not understanding how to deal, what to do, what alternative holistic approach is out there, feeling a bit lost.....

I know I need to do this on my own, but I just need some guidance.. m0150


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    Hi Kizzie71,

    You don’t need to do this on your own, the best thing I learnt was that I’m not alone, this can be managed because it has been managed already and by people you can talk to, you can share your thoughts, ask for advice and have some fun too along the way!

    To get you started here’s a link to the section on osteoarthritis of the knee


    And here is a link to alternative and complementary therapies


    Have a read then share your thoughts

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Many thanks for your reply and links. I just need to get into a routine and make time for myself to do things. Adapt to change more, put me first for a change. m0150
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    Hello, I m sorry this has happened to you, I began my first arthritis over twenty years ago and then osteo arthritis was diagnosed in 2011 when I was 52 - my knees are affected by both.

    There is nothing holistic that works to repair the damage to the joints or to permanently deal with the pain, if there was this forum would not exist because we would all be better. Some aspects of the holistic junk peddled by the healthy can, however, be of some use in helping our minds cope better with the reality of living with a long-term condition. There is very little that GPs can do, dealing with it is a matter of keeping one's weight down, pain relief, suitable exercise and rest. Do you have a history of cardiac troubles or is your GP being cautious?

    One of the heavily disguised joys of osteo is that the quality of life can be hugely improved by joint replacements but that usually happens only when a certain level of damage has been reached and getting to that level is nasty. I reached it when I was 52 back in 2011 and was refused knees as I was too young. One thng that I think works against osteoarthritis is just how common a condition it is, there are between eight to ten million arthritics in the UK, the majority having OA, but the impact it can have on one's life can be grossly underestimated by those who don't have it and those who should know better.

    I have lived a compromised life thanks to poor health but so what? To find out, however, that one's previously well-behaved body is letting one down must be very hard. I plunged into depression when my OA was diagnosed because I thought I had ticked that particular box, I didn't realise it was possible to have both so I can genuinely empathise with how you must be feeling. All I can say for the time being is be kind to yourself, rest assured you are not alone as thousands have this but coping and dealing with it is a matter for the individual. We get it because we've got it. DD
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