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Hi All,

I’ve been for an appt today at inhealth and got my MRI results back finally !!!
I’ve got tear to my medial meniscus posterior root and have oesteoarthiritis in tricompartmental of knee with effusion.
I’ve been booked in to have cortisone injections and physiotherapy sessions to see if this will help with managing the pain and improve my mobility.
Has anybody on here heard of this kind of tear before ?
The physio dr said today I’m having mechanical pain in my knee ?
They told me today they could refer me to surgeon to have arthroscopy done but state there is no guarantee it will improve my pain.
They said for me to try injections and physio first for 3 months then if no improvement to refer me to hospital .
Do any of you think I’d be better off having arthroscopy done or wait to see if injections help?
I’ve been off sick for 6 weeks from work due to restricted mobility and pain .
I’ve been advised to change jobs, realistically I don’t feel I’ll be able to return to healthcare as it’s too physically demanding,I work in hospital and have to do a lot walking .
My employer has not been supportive whilst been off and received rude and abrupt email from my manager a couple weeks ago which caused me to feel anxious.
I’ve also been told I have ganglion cyst adjacent to posterior superior aspect of lateral femoral condial? Also on report .i have no idea what this is ?
I’ve got mri report back got copy but don’t understand the medical jargon?was thinking of going to see my GP to ask them to explain the medical terms on my report.
I’ve been suffering from anxiety symptoms past few wks and am feeling very worried and anxious with everything going on .
I’ve got lot money worries and I’ve already been put on half pay by my employer .
I’m thinking going to see CAB this wk to see if will be able to claim any money as now been diagnosed with oesteoarthiritis in both knees it has had big impact on my life and impacting my ability to work .
I have applied for Pip already but awaiting assessment appt .
The past 18 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and scary how things have progressed so quickly as I’ve never had muscular skeletal problems ever ,this all started 18 months ago out of the blue .
I’ve had to take 5 months off work in past year half due to arthroscopy recovery and now this new diagnosis .
Everything is up in air at moment and the anxiety is crippling at times.
I’ve referred myself to phychological therapies due to anxiety issues they’ve suggested CBT as treatment option but there is waiting list for treatment .
I’ve also rang up for advice on my pension to see if could take it early due to disability .
I need to do something positive I feel to put my mind at rest help with worrying about money heath etc.
Hopefully CAB may make things easier ?
Thanks for listening......


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    I'm no good with Medic language and I'd definitely be making an appointment with my GP to ask for a translation. (S)he could also, maybe, help you to decide whether to go straight for an arthroscopy or to try the jabs and phtysio first. Personally, I'd go for physio every time but it's a subjective thing.

    I think mechanical pain arises due to 'structural problems' as opposed to inflammatory problems. Maybe our posture is bad and things don't line up well. Another reason, in my book, to go for correcting exercises first.

    I think seeing your GP and CAB are good ideas. CAB might well be able to help with the PIP.

    Something positive? Maybe you could research some possible new jobs. Or just hobbies as anythuing that will take your mind off current worries would be good.
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    I've had arthroscopies done in both knees and found them to be more trouble than they're worth. This is only my experience however and I understand that for some people they are great.

    I was teaching at the time of my first one and was back to work a week later in lots of pain. I believe my knee has been worse ever since the operation. I found out 6 months later that some bone had been removed and that I should have been off for longer. Oh well.

    I've also had the cortisol injections and felt no discernable difference. Again, I understand that for some, these injections work.

    I honestly belive the best thing is gentle exercise to build up the muscles and support the joint. I swim and use gentle settings on my exercise bike daily. I still have flare ups and bad periods but this is so much more impactful than relying on an injection or operation.

    This is also from torn and miniscus damage and associated bursitis.
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    Hi Cap80 and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forums.

    I'm sorry to hear you had a bad outcome of an arthroscopy. From personal experience, you have to be 100% fit at anytime in teaching. Going back to work just a week after a procedure like that would definitely have put me off :D

    Gentle exercises to build up the muscles and support the joint is a very helpful suggestion. We have a selection of suggested exercises related to osteoarthritis of the knee that may prove helpful:

    Do join in across the forums and ask any questions you may have.

    All best wishes
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    Hi CAP80 and welcome from me too.

    i think the jury is still out on the benefits, or otherwise, of arthroscopy. I believe some surgeons won't do them though I know at least one person who had a very successful outcome - eventually.

    I think, as a veteran of knee surgery, a week is no time at all to allow the inner damage to heal. My friend took several weeks of rest and exercises before embarking on short walks again.

    Steroid jabs work for some, sometimes. They're always a lottery even if they've worked previously. The joint is best rested for 48 hours after one to keep the stuff where it's wanted. Even so, there's no guarantee.

    I'm in total agreement - exercise is the best way.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Don't know about the medical stuff but the CAB will help you find out what your options are for PIP and other benefits (they helped me fill out my form and it was accepted first time, no need to appeal).
    Go and see them, it's what they're there for!
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    Jules70 had their PIP interview today, I hope they got on OK and will let us know the outcome whichever way it goes.

    Hello CAP80, I agree with Sticky in that healing is not as fast as we would like. For some reason people think that the smaller the procedure the quicker it heals simply because there's no big wound. With an arthroscopy things inside the knee have been cut, scraped, vacuumed, various tools forced into small gaps which were never designed for such intrusions, injected, squirted clean and steroided with pressure-hose intensity, the general tissue damage as well as the site of surgery is not to be underestimated. Healing takes time, a careful balance of rest and exercise and patience. This is the true time of the hard yards, not the time leading to the operation. DD
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