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Hi, I’ve just had all the test and they are starting me on Adalimumab as I have AS, Psoriatic arthritis, cysts on spine, problems with my hip joint and now I’ve also got carpel tunnel. I know about all the risks of the medication, though the specialist nurse and when I said what job I did she said I may struggle, but I just want to know how bad they really are with day to day activities . I work in a pre-school and have to change nappies and all them kind of things?. Many thanks x


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    Hello Kellyb76, welcome to the forum!

    It sounds as though you have your hands full working in a pre-school, let alone while managing multiple conditions! Receiving a diagnosis and starting new medication can be a daunting period, but hopefully the intended benefits outweigh any side affects you might experience.

    Although we cannot offer any medical advice here, I’m sure our members will soon jump in and share their own experiences with you.

    In the meantime, I have provided a link below from the Versus Arthritis website which has some information on Adalimumab which you may find useful.


    I have also provided the details for our brilliant helpline team who are available to talk in confidence.

    0800 5200 520 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 8pm)

    Please join in any of the forums where you feel comfortable and let us know how you get on.

    Best Wishes,
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    Hello, I have been taking adalimumab for around twelve years and have had no trouble with it. (I have psoriatic arthritis.) I was a private tutor and what finally finished me off was a double carpal tunnel op but I was in my early 50s, had been working since my early 20s so with the worsening arthritis it was about time. Good luck, I hope all goes well. DD
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    I don't take that med but I do take two other DMARDS. We all have to be very careful ariound not catching bugs and small children are little germ factories. Personally, I wouldn't panic but i would be very careful. I've no idea what hygiene practices there are where you work but I would hope that antibac gels are greatly encouraged. Also gloves for changing nappies. I guess you can't make everyone else use them but you can ensure you do. Apparently, many germs get into us via our eyes. It makes sense. We touch something 'germy' then touch our eyes. It's amazing how often we do that.

    I guess your other problem will be the sheer weight of lifting and carrying. I remember when my two were little. It's surprising how much a small child weighs.

    Just take sensible precautions and see how it goes. And be on the watch for sore throats etc. With luck, all will be well :D

    Oh, and get your free flu jab.
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    Hi Kelly

    It is difficult working with small kids they can be very germy and I presume your medications are to dampen down your immune system.

    You can help yourself my washing your hands every chance you get and of course make sure you get your flu jab and ask about any other vaccines - I am thinking maybe shingles. Kids catch chickenpox!

    I hope you do well and can continue with your work.

    Toni xx
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    I agree with frogmorton that we must be very careful to keep away from chicken pox but the shingles vaccine is a live one so not recommended for those of us on DMARDS.