24 year old with osteoarthritis

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Hey everyone,
I’ve just recently been diagnosed with early osteoarthritis after years of pain and stiffness in my joints. Just wondered if anyone else with osteoarthritis could let me know how it effects them? I’m a little worried about it.


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    Hi missc Welcome to the forum. Everyone on the forum understands about pain as everyone has some form of Arthritis in various degrees. I have Osteoarthritis but am older than you at 73years I have had joints replaced and winning the pain is not so bad now as it was, but everyone as I said is different.
    We are a very friendly and sympathetic people who will help you to be part of the forum the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat,.
    All the best Christine
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    Hi there
    I'm 22 with OA in my ankle. I get very stiff ankles, the pain is always there for me and it is constantly swollen.
    Mine is end stage now so it is affecting my mobility, i walk with a stick
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    Hi there to both of you :)

    If you haven't already seen it, our website has some useful general information regarding osteoarthritis with some tips regarding pain management among lots of other things!


    Do join in across the forums and please do ask questions for anything you wish to know.

    Best wishes
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    Hi I am Eliane, I am 17 and like you I have osteoarthritis (left hip).
    It hasn't been easy because I am not able to do any sport apart from cycling and swimming.
    So I have found other activities to occupy my time like learning to play the piano,drawing...
    I still keep active by going on walks with my family, it is important that you too remain active and depending on your pain you can ajust and just go on short walks so that you keep your joints moving.

    I know that living with arthritis isn't easy, sometimes you will feel down but say strong, be brave you will get through this. KEEP FIGHTING☺

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    That was a lovely post, Eliane :)

    It's great to see some younger people here. I think back to when my arthritis symptoms started (1990), and I'm sure I would have appreciated being able to talk things through with people going through the same sort of thing.

    Best wishes,
    PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and other things since 1990. Happy to help when I can :-)
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    Hi Eliane

    You might be interested in this Arthritis Tracker app that Versus Arthritis has developed especially with young people in mind:


    Also, echoing Phee’s comment: great post