Pip assessment appt come through

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Hi All,

I’ve received my pip assessment appt through today, it’s on 7th nov I was hoping someone on here could give me some advice and pointers ,who have been through the process and been awarded it .
Many Thanks 😁

PS I have oesteoarthiritis in both knees and also have neck condition .


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    It’s best to get help if you can, from CAB or online, read the questions and answer with frankness, this is not the time to automatically say ‘I’m fine' as we all do, explain exactly how you are affected, what you can do and what is impossible.

    Here’s the help from our website


    If you are disallowed do appeal, the majority are allowed on appeal.

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    I posted a thread on here called PIP Interview, it might be of interest. I also posted the outcome. I don't begin many threads so they're easy to spot. DD
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