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This post probably does not apply to anyone on here (and hopefully it will not offend anyone) but chatting with friends some of them have the wrong idea about what PIP is for, you don’t just get it because you are in pain. PIP is a benefit that helps with the extra costs of a long-term health condition or disability for people aged 16 and over. I am 61 and live alone (apart from my cat) so don’t have anyone to help me. For example I cannot peel or cut up vegs and meat so PIP helps cover the extra cost of ready meals; I use it to pay for my home help; aids around the house that OTs will not cover like Monkey bars over the bed, an electrically adjustable bed; deep tissue massage; chiropodist to cut my toe nails; supermarket home deliveries as I cannot go shopping; delivery costs from on-line shopping; wheelchair accessible taxis; mobile hairdresser; additional heating costs; decorating and so forth. When applying you need paperwork to prove the need, so letters from GPs, Consultants, OTs etc; and on the last occasion I even included photographs of the aids I have around the house.


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    As you say there is quite a bit of misunderstanding - or plain ignorance. I think it's partly because, by the very nature of what it's for, there can be wide differences between the people who claim, and 'invisible disabilities' add to that.
    The clue is in the name - Personal Independence Payment; what facilitates that independence or what it includes will vary with each claimant.
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    I agree Mike, but I would counter with why would those, whose health is not compromised on a long-term basis know, understand or care what PIP is for? I'm happy for people not to know because that gives me the chance to explain. I am sure that in my healthier days I assumed, presumed or just plain thought I knew what things I'd heard about I understood, it's a common failing in humanity.

    There is no doubt that as our physical world shrinks it becomes more expensive to live. :roll: DD
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    I agree with you too Mike1

    So many misconceptions for reasons others have mentioned.

    Some even think you can't work and be eligible for it! It is a working age benefit.

    Your many uses for yours all sound very sensible.

    Toni xx