“Total rejuvenation......

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….... is not achievable.”

Mr SW's new booklet from the hospital, regarding his upcoming THR, bears this statement (admittedly preceded by "90% - 95% of patients are happy with their results but....") Frankly, I think it should be writ large at the entry to every orthopaedic department.

Sometimes people's expectations of surgery are too great, especially now that most are sent home after only 2-3 days and often with only a small scar. Sometimes they try too much too soon. Or, in some cases, just too much. Possibly one reason for not putting implants into younger people.

Mr SW is not planning on returning to his rugby days. He reluctantly admits he's no longer the athlete he once was. He'll be happy once he can convert his current 15 minute daily pottering round the village (followed by more pain r elief and sleep) back to longer walks and 'proper' gardening and resume his weekly forays onto the putting green, if not the entire golf course. He is realistic. He's lived with me long enough :lol: He knows that 'total rejuvenation is not achievable'. Surely, everyone should.
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    Hi Sticky,

    You are so right, in relation to themselves and in expectations of others after your surgery. If it was more widely held that a replacement is rarely as good as the real thing when it was working well we could all do better.

    It must be hard to find the right level between encouraging some to do too much too soon and persuading others they must actively assist their new joint to work properly by exercising it in the right way often. With my new knee I noted that improvements can be made for up to 30 months and 'Daisy' and I have been working with that in mind - I still have months left. Better than my old knee it was after only a few days, but as good as if I’d not had disease activity, no it’s not. However I’m thrilled with our progress ...

    Whether my fit older brother would agree with me - not sure!