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Thank you for allowing me to join the community, I am hoping I can get some valuable advice and support from you guys; I have had arthritis for some time however this has spread to my jaw! I have been unable to find anyone else or any information on how to manage this, so any advice would be gratefully received. x


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    Hi Alison6461 and welcome to the forum.

    I am sorry to hear that your arthritis has spread to your jaw, I can only imagine that this brings with it its own unique set of symptoms and difficulties. Although as you said there might not be much information relating specifically to arthritis of the jaw, I still hope that this forum can provide you with useful information going forward.

    Please feel free to participate in the forum as you feel comfortable and ask members any questions you may have. Perhaps there will be some members who have faced similar symptoms as your self, and who can offer their advice.

    As a starting point, perhaps you might find the following links relating to pain management:


    Please check back in and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best Wishes,
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    Hello Alison and welcome from me too.
    Is it osteoarthritis you have, and has it been diagnosed in your jaw?
    I ask because I had jaw problems last year, started quite suddenly with 'locking' and crunching, not being able to open my mouth properly, and acute pain, and I went into a flat spin assuming it was OA. As the wait to see my GP is so long I thought I would get get a dentist's opinion while I was waiting. Long story short it was a problem with the jaw joint but not OA(although I suspect that may surface eventually given my history of clenching and grinding my teeth), and I now have a night guard/splint(depending on who you talk to!) which has made such a difference.
    This link explains a bit more https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/temporomandibular-disorder-tmd/
    I was given exercises to do by the dentist but they made things worse so I was referred to the oral clinic at hospital.
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    Hi Alison. I've had arthritis in my jaw for years. I have both RA and OA and I'm not sure which it is. Probably both. It doesn't hurt much now though I can't open my mouth a .lot. i'm tough on anaesthetists and dentists but, that apart, all is well.

    You don't say who diagnosed you. Was it a GP, rheumatologist or dentist?

    Here's quite a comprehensive page on it including tips on how to deal with it.

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    My jaw aches but usuallly because it is clenched due to the widespread pain elsewhere. Once I am aware of it I try to conciously relax and massage the 'hinges' to generate some warmth. Like Sticky I have a creaky foot in both camps by having both OA and an auto-immune arthritis: which ails thee? DD
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