Knee problems — again

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Hi all

Hope you’re all well as can be living with Arthur.

It’s been a while, no news is generally good news from me, lol.

Anyway, back in June I think I posted about tearing the meniscus cartilage on the inside of my left knee and it took quite some time for it and the associated bursitis to settle down. This recovery is being aided with physio to strengthen this knee.

Now it seems I may have torn, I hope not, the meniscus cartilage on the outside of the same knee.

Although I have OA in both knees and ankles I’m still capable of doing a lot of walking, for fitness, weight management and especially wellbeing. My walking sessions have slowly been getting back to normal, albeit slower. On Friday, at work, after spending some time at a computer working away I got up to stretch my legs with a visit to the loo, and that’s when the latest problem started — after several steps my knee clicked painfully and felt like collapsing, this happened several more times in quick succession, each accompanied with a yelp and probably an Australian expletive, not too coarse though, lol.

So, my question is, in your own experiences, could this be a sign that there’s something structurally wrong with the knee that may require a visit to someone who’ll be more invasive with my treatment than a physio, like orthopaedics?

Apart from I’m keeping well, the paindullers are trying to do their jobs, some days better than others but you all know that from, unfortunate, experience.

Anyway stay as pain free as you can.



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    scozzie wrote:
    probably an Australian expletive, not too coarse though, lol.

    I didn't know there were any that weren't too coarse, scozzie :wink: But then, I've only known Aussie cricketers :lol:

    I'm sorry things have taken a downturn. I think it'd be worth asking your GP about an x-ray to determine if stuff's got worse. Whether or not, a visit to a physio might help but maybe best to sort out what's going on first.
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