hand washing

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Always an important topic but I found this interesting, not least for explaining why the soap is important - something I'd accepted but never known why.


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    Thanks for that, Daffy, like you I knew soap had to be used but never associated it with that reason. We have returned to bar soap (much to The Spouse's irritation) and I leave it in the basin to rinse as I rinse my hands. As a child I was only allowed Pears soap which, needless to say, I loathed but the modern variations in blue and green are much nicer! DD
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    Thanks from me, too, daffy. That makes sense. i confess to a slight irritation that the very reason for my needing such careful hygiene prevents me from using all the recommended methods :wink: Rubbing palms together :o Can some really do that? Ah well, arthritic life is all about improvisation and invention.
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