one operation on my hand or two

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I have arthritis at the base of my thumbs and carpel tunnel (in both hands).
The consultant would like to start with my right hand which is a bit worse and carry out both procedures at the same time.
I need the carpel tunnel op soon as there is a risk of permanent nerve damage if left untreated.
Feeling very nervous about the arthritis op (removal of the bone)
as the outcome seems unreliable so I am unsure whether to do both at the same time and recover at the same time or just do the carpel tunnel first.

Has anyone had similar experience and could share any thoughts - it would be much appreciated?
Thank you


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    Hi Schevous,

    Great to meet you, you have carpel tunnel and need a trapeziectomy as well. Here is the Versus Arthritis information about hand and wrist surgery

    I have had surgery for arthritis but haven’t had those that you need so can’t give any personal input, we do have members who have had this surgery, I’m sure they will offer you advice soon

    Please let us know what you decide and how you get on

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hi and welcome from me too. I'm afraid I can't help. My entire hands have been a mess for years but I have RA as well as OA. I've never had either op but I did use wrist splints a lot in the past so, when my wrists eventually fused, they fused in a good position (straight).

    Surgery has moved on since then. You might get more replies if you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum but often those who are 'fixed' by surgery don't return. One thing I do know is that whatever you have done you must allow the prescribed time for it to heal. It might be a small scar but there is a lot of healing has to be done beneath it and trying to do too much too soon seems to be a feature of trapeziectomy patients.

    Whatever you decide I hope it works well for you.
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    I had both hands done for carpal tunnel at the same, had help at home, was a patient patient and earned the reward of surgical success. People who have had trapezes often undo the surgeons good work by thinking that because it's a small operation, in a small area it will heal faster and everyone who tells them not to return to work for a month or whatever are idiots. They often prove they are the idiots, return to moan, do what they're told and we never hear from them again.

    Surgery never has a guaranteed outcome but what the patient does, both before and after, is pivotal in achieving the best result. I would advise you follow the surgeon's advice, be a patient patient, and I wish you well. DD
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    I'm currently 2 weeks post op from a trapeziectomy on my right hand. I was originally having a fusion done at the same time but the surgeon wasn't happy with the time left in theatre so I have to have that at another date.

    My advice, go with what your surgeon advises.

    I've had several ops on my hand and if I could have had it resolved with surgery i would have chose that.

    If you want any info on the op feel free to ask :D