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Hello everyone thanks for letting me join in on the forum, I'm a newbie so this RA thing is still new to me. Had palendromic RA for 3yrs then when the meds stopped working they took me off them to see what would happen and the result turned into seropositive RA 2.5 months ago and I'm having trouble getting my head around this.hope to learn more about it and try to improve my wellbeing by gaining advice from you all.


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    Hi 080970 and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have rheumatoid arthritis. To give better help and support it would be useful to know which joints are affected and the medication you were taking :)

    Our website has good information about many forms of arthritis and ways to manage both the pain and how to live with the problems that arise. Start here for information regarding rheumatoid arthritis:

    You can also talk confidentially to our Helplines on 0800 5200 520 Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm

    Do ask any questions you may have and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes
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    Hello, I was eventually diagnosed with psoriatic atthritis nine years after the first symptoms began. Nothing changed with the application of the right label and now I have osteo too. As I say to my husband living with arthritis is a case of mind over matter: I mind and that doesn't matter. DD
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    Hi Brynmor,
    The meds they had me on started with were Sulfasalazine with arcoxia 90m or 120m, then methotrexate for 18 months which work great until my body said no to them. So then I moved up to hydroxy which didn't work then lefludimide which still didn't work so then they took me of all meds until the RA kicked off properly now I'm on a biologic called tofacitinib which I'm not sure it's working been on these for 2 months now.
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    I hope the biologic will work. One thing to bear in mind (which, presumably, your rheumatologist is working by) is that the drugs are working if our inflammatory levels are low. Pain has virtually nothing to do with it. We deal with that in other ways - distraction, exercises, pain relief from GP.

    Sorry, must rush.
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