Cloudy with a chance of pain

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A number of us took part in this University of Manchester study over 16 months and the results are now out. Every year it’s like running into a brick wall at autumn, now I have an answer for the changing levels of pain, humidity!

Have a look at the website, ‘cloudy with a chance of pain’, usual www. Bits apply.

So now you know........


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    Thanks airwave.

    Came across a news article about this from a couple of days ago. For anyone who wants to read further or hasn't yet seen this, the web address is

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    Thankyou airwave and Brynmor
    Its very interesting..I know in summer on humid or very warm days my pain is worse..and the change from spring to it make sense..I think.. :?
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    Thank you for sharing! I’ve definitely felt the recent cold weather and it’s good to know I’m
    Not making it up!