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Hi, I’ve been told I’m an ideal candidate for a cartiva implant in my big toe joint. I really need to keep movement in my toe as I am a primary school teacher and I am constantly moving and often spend time on my knees or the floor. I am also still fairly young and want to continue to wear high heels (I know it’s a bit vain). Can anybody tell me if they have had this surgery and how it’s been? Thank you


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    Hi Fifi, welcome to the forum!

    I am sorry to hear you have been having difficult time but it’s good to see you are working with your medical team to consider potential treatment options.

    As this is a rather specialist area, I recommend making an appointment with your doctor to talk through your concerns and gain a better understanding of the likely outcomes from the surgery. Having said that, this forum is a great place to learn from the experiences of our members and the advice they share will no doubt help you prepare a list of questions to speak to your doctor about.

    In the meantime, I have provided a foot & ankle fact sheet from the Versus Arthritis website. It doesn’t contain any information on cartiva implants specifically but you may find some of tips useful.

    Please join in any of the forums where you feel comfortable and let us know how you get on.

    Best Wishes,
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    Hi. Please forgive me for being brief. I've just waved my family goodbye after feeding them and I'm shattered :lol:

    I've never heard anyone mention this on these forums so I did a search and only one other person has ever mentioned it. Her op wasn't successful.

    So I had a Google and this was the result from the reliable NCBI site . Personally I'd give it a wide berth.
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