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I’m wondering if anyone actually finds Methotrexate tolerable ?
It controls my RA but makes me feel awful all the time 🤢 sick
Soooo tired and confused (brain fog) when I take it the day after
Also so many different views on alcohol with it ? RA nurse said
can drink wine ? I have a bottle over the weekend and worry
about the liver issue but she assured me it’s ok- other clinicians
Say no alcohol at all ? Wish there was something else except
These horrid drugs ☹️


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    Sorry it’s making you feel ill. I felt so ill on it. At the beginning on tablets it was fine then after a while I felt unwell. Had a break from it and tried again this time injecting myself and the dose was lower. Same pattern. I became allergic to it. Some get on fine with it. There are other medicines you can try so have this discussion with your rheumatologist. Good luck.
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    Hi Jn03da,

    Welcome to the forum, lovely to meet you.

    Methotrexate is helping your arthritis but causing side effects. I guess it is hard to think of changing your meds since this one does work, how long have you been taking it? Often side effects reduce over time as your body gets used to it being in your system. You can also inject mtx which seems to have far fewer side effects. Maybe a chat when you next see your health team or a call to your rheumatology nurse if that’s some way ahead.

    Here’s some information on various medications, what they are for, how they work etc

    You’ve done really well joining this forum, together we can make differences in ours and others lives, keep posting to let us know how you get on, tips to stop feeling so sick would be great - I’ll put my thinking cap on too!

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    I've been on meth for nearly 20 years with no problems but that's no help to you.. Have you asked your rheumatologist about taking more folic acid or having the injections?

    Mostly, in UK, we're told alcohol is OK if we stick within the guidelines for everyone else. In USA they tend to go for none at all. I like a glass of wine with my evening meal though not on meth days. But my ALT results are always brilliant. I rarely get into double figures. How about yours? If they fall within the guidelines you should be OK. If not, better cut it out.
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