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Hello, thank you for letting me join your forum I’m Freda I have had Arthritis for many years and as I get older it is getting worse.


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    Hello Freda and welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community.

    Sorry to hear your arthritis is worsening. If you would like to share details of the type of arthritis you have, how it affects you and what treatment you are receiving please feel free to do so on here, as you may find our members can offer their thoughts and experience.

    If you feel you need help managing pain, there are some self-help exercises at this link which you could try:

    With best wishes,

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    Hello Freda, I know exactly how you are feeling; I began when I was 37 and now I am 60. I swear I am not coping with it as well as I used to but whether that is true or me just tiring of the daily struggles I do not know. What has your doctor prescribed for you? DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben