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Hello everyone, I had an appointment with a GP this week I have never seen before, she had checked a blood test result of mine and the surgery phoned to ask me to make an appointment with the Dr. She said that while looking for RA the reading is 15 and my one was 16 not sure what she meant, I have very sore feet and hands also a lot more aches and pains but recently I have had a sore chest when I said this she reluctantly sounded my chest she said there was crackling on my left lung but nothing to worry about it was likely a virus, I have also had a few falls lately and when I questioned all this she said it would be just the arthritis. I would be grateful to hear your views on this.
Many thanks I do hope you don’t think I am a moaner because I really am not.
Thanks again


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    Hello and welcome Freda to Versus Arthritis Community Forum.

    I'm really sorry to read of your recent problems with RA, I/we do not consider you a moaner, at all, we are here to offer help. I can't personally give you any definite answer as I have OA and I'm not sure given your explanation of things where to direct you to. My advice is to throw your post open to the forum as we have many forum users with RA, also, I suggest getting in touch with Versus Arthritis Helpline 0800 520 0520, have a little chat with our very experience team.

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Hello again, I replied to your other post on here. Do you know what the figures referred to? They could be inflammatory markers or rheumatoid factor, I honestly don't know. Do you have osteoarthritis, an auto-immune kind or both? What has the doctor suggested? You must be feeling very unsettled. DD
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    Hello Freda and welcome from me too.

    Of course you're not a moaner. You are simply a bit puzzled and anxious about this new turn in your health and are looking for kindred souls who will empathise. And we do.

    Reading both your posts, it sounds as if you've had arthritis for some years and it was always presumed to be osteo. But now the GP is checking to ensure you don't have an inflammatory type of arthritis such as rheumatoid. I'm no good at figures and test readings so I won't even try. I have both osteo and rheumatoid and both are 'liveable with'. Has your GP suggested an appointment with a rheumatologist? If not, she probably feels the figures are within normal limits and it is, indeed, osteo.

    I can understand why you would be more wobbly and prone to falls. I presume you always wear sensible shoes. I think a few physio exercises might help to strengthen your muscles. You could ask your GP to refer you to a physiotherapist. I'd be much worse without my exercises.
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    It can be a good habit to take a notebook with you to any consultation. Additionally, ask to receive a copy of any test results, letters, etc. It only takes a moment for the GP or Consultant to print them.