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Hi everyone
Just joined, I have psoriatic arthritis, I have been diagnosed 5 years and stable with hydroxychloroquine for all this time with naproxen and steroid injections for flare ups in my knee. My hand, feet’s, left knee and neck are getting worse, I have also developed lumps in my finger joints and like blisters under the skin on the joint. I’m worried they may change me onto methotrexate. Would love to hear other people’s experiences :)


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    Hi Akasurfchik and welcome to the community forums.

    Sorry to hear that your psoriatic arthritis is spreading to more joints.

    Hydroxychloroquine is often taken in combination with other drugs such as methotrexate so it may be that you will just start taking an extra disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD.

    There is further information here on methotrexate that you may like to take a look at:

    Lots of forum members take this drug and we have a recent thread asking about this from someone just starting such treatment:

    Do read down to the last post where Stickywicket emphasises what a difference taking methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine has made for her. :D

    Best wishes
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    Hello, I too have PsA, I began my first symptom in 1997, started meds n 2002 and was accurately diagnosed in 2006. I inject methotrexate every week and humira every fortnight, disease activity is under control but the arthritis has spread and my joints are damaged enabling OA to move in too.

    Drugs-wise I have been fortunate in that although I have had side effects very few hurt and those that did meant I stopped the med and tried another. Nothing I have taken has ever reduced pain and pain relief merely dulls the sharper edges. I have always been on more than one medication probably because, due to medical ignorance, I started with far too little far too late. Any form of arthritis is progeressive and degenerative but the meds can slow that progression . A friend of mine (who also has PsA) was diagnosed in 2005 within three months of starting and began sulphasalzine immediately is now needing to add meth to the mix. He's miffed, I think he's been very lucky! It is not unusual to take two DMARDs plus an NSAID, and steroids merely mask rather than deal with the heart of the issue.

    Auto-immune arthritis is a powerful disease and it needs powerful meds to rein it in. Those who are doing well on the meds rarely post because they naturally assume it's the same for everyone else. I am doing well but I have had to alter my definition of the word 'work' when talking about the medication. DD
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    Hello :) I have RA and have been on methotrexate with hydroxychloroquine for nearly 20 years. Quite honestly, I don't really understand why so many people are so afraid of meth. It's a very longstanding, tried-and-tested med for autoimmune forms of arthritis. We are very well monitored, why taking it, for any potential problems and most people don't get any though, admittedly, forums, such as these, will attract those who do have problems rather than those who don't. Who joins a forum in order to say "I'm fine. No problems."?

    I can occasionally feel very tired the day after taking my meth. I have sometimes needed a course of iron tablets but that's probably more to do with the disease than the treatment. As DD says, it's a powerful disease and needs powerful medication to keep it in check. I'd say just go for it and enjoy life.
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