Osteo - something of a shocker

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From wet and cool Yorkshire Dales but sunny this afternoon. :D
Needs to be after news from doctor this morning :(
Went for an MRI scan and X-rays yesterday.
Surprisingly fast response to X-rays in that results were received within a day .. good for the NHS :)

However it seems I have arthritis in both hips, right shoulder and wrist.

So Hello to the forum :) And to get help with diet.


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    Hi AchingPossum and good to see you on the forums.

    Sorry to hear the news of osteoarthritis in a number of joints. However, you have found just the right place to ask for advice and get help.

    First off, the website has some good information that is well worth checking out:

    Hips https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/conditions/osteoarthritis-oa-of-the-hip/

    Shoulder https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/conditions/osteoarthritis-oa-of-the-elbow-and-shoulder/

    Gentle exercise of the muscles to retain function is important and there is some useful information regarding diet.


    Do ask more detailed questions and join in on the forums.

    All good wishes from a wet, cold and windy North Wales :D

    P.S. Have disallowed your 2nd post made at the time as it duplicates the info you posted here :)
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    Hello, I too remember my shock when I was diagnosed with OA mainly because I thought I had ticked that box by already having an auto-immune sort, psoriatic (PsA). :lol: Mine has come about as a result of the joint damage caused by the PsA, is there an underlying cause for your OA or is it simply because it is the most common form? There are between 8-10 million arthritics in the UK with the majority having OA, its ubiquity is not helpful for those affected.

    What has your GP recommended meds-wise? If by diet you mean losing weight then that's easy to type and hard to do: eat less, eat better, move around more. If you mean diet affecting matters I find that acidic foods aggravates stuff along with overdoing things plus cold and damp weather.

    Hope to hear from you again. DD
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    Hello Achingpossum and welcome from me too.

    I'm sorry about the diagnosis. It can be a real shock and can take some getting used to if you've always been fairly active and healthy.

    Well, I guess, the good news is you / we really need to stay active. The worst thing to do is just give in to it. But we need to be what you might call 'cautiously active'. Be prepared to stop when we have more to do and feel we could maybe do it. Exercise in ways that help not ways that hinder. It's a learning curve and, however long we've had arthritis, we're all still learning :wink:

    Diet? A broadly Mediterranean type. That's about it really. Some people find some foods might trigger their arthritis but I don't think there's any hard evidence to make it universally acknowledged.

    I'll shut up now as I don't know your particular circumstances, how difficult this will be for you, how much you will be able to adapt. Just fire away with any questions and we'll try to answer.
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    Welcome to the forum from me too.

    I am sorry to hear your news. I take it you must have been in pain to have the tests done, but still a shock non the less :?

    I have always found my results back very quickly indeed if there is something to report. Anomalies get 'flagged' straight away. The 'normal' results or slight ones are the ones which take a week to ten days :roll:

    Having said that always best to check as things do slip through the net sometimes.

    Do not fear there is loads you can do. Are you trying to loose weight to ease the strain on your joints or even for possible surgery. It has been done by many on here over the years successfully.

    Best of luck

    Toni xx