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Hi to All,

Like many on here I love cycling and other sport activities. Whilst training for a big ride next year I kept getting a tight pain in the groin getting on and off the bike. Just thought it was a tight muscle which was getting worse over time. Anyway, long story short I went to Doc who then sent me to Physio who then told me I had Osteo in my left hip!

Like for most on here it came as a big blow. Trying to stay positive though and still hoping to do the big ride next year, though not 100% it's the right thing at this stage.

Biggest issue at the moment is putting on and taking off shoes and socks! Hurts like hell, though thankfully everything is not too bad at the moment. Any tips on the sock thing? :)


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    Hi Akom, welcome to the forum!

    I am sorry to hear about your recent troubles. It is always difficult coming to terms with a new diagnosis but it is great to see you are maintaining a positive attitude and still have your sights set on the bike ride next year.

    I’m sure our members will soon share their own experiences and advice with you. In the meantime, I have provided two links below from the Versus Arthritis website which you may find useful. The first is a fact sheet on Osteo Arthritis of the hip.

    The second link contains tips and advice on adaptations you can make around the house to make your life easier. Approximately half-way down the page there is information on a sock aid. I’ve never tried one myself, but it may help with the sock issue you mentioned.

    Please join in the forums wherever you feel comfortable and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes,
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    Hi Akom and welcome from me too.

    I know that cycling is recomended for knee OA but not so sure about hips. I would imagine that the saddle is normally at bit narrow to support a dodgy hip and, in your shoes, I'd be looking for a specialist cycle shop to see if a more supportive saddle is available.

    Has the physio given you any exercises? That might seem an odd question when you're clearly very active but sometimes things can be done to strengthen a particular muscle. Strong, supportive muscles are good for arthritic joints.

    As for socks - my husband is awaiting a new hp and has recently accepted - reluctantly :roll: - that he needs to borrow my sock aid in the mornings. There are a host of different kinds on the market. Some look like medieval torture instruments :o I prefer a very ordinary, cheap one like this .
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    Akom when I had back surgery I used the sock thingy :)

    I also used elastic shoe laces and a long-handled shoe horn. Made life a LOT easier.

    Best of luck with your hip

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    Thank you all for a warm welcome and good tips.

    I looked at the sock aides and you're right, Stickywicket, they do look like torture instruments :lol:

    I do have some specific exercises to focus on strengthening the muscles around the hip so a good question.

    I'm guessing this is just the start of my journey as there are only certain things I struggle with at the moment e.g. the socks, trousers and shoes, thankfully, I don't seem too restricted on anything else yet.

    Thanks again all for the welcome :)