Anyone had success from dieting or changing foods?

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I've not long joined this forum and still at the initial picking brains phase :D I'm wondering if anyone who has been overweight and successfully manged to shed the pounds whether there have been any positive reduction in symptoms/pain/sluggishness?
How much have you lost and what benefits did you notice?
Hope to get some inspiring replies


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    I shed 5 stone slowly. It helped on weight bearing joints. I could move around easier. I did get joint pain elsewhere but for the RA symptoms no.
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    I lost 3 stone in around 9 months waiting for a knee replacement. I also did exercises to strengthen my legs to make recovery easier. I’m sure both have been directly responsible for my being able to delay my next knee replacement, I have much better range of movement, hindered by both weight and weaker joints.

    I’m still doing the exercises, my weight has crept up a bit, still over 2 stone lighter but I’m trying to get it off before Christmas when I know I’ll be eating more than I should.

    Yvonne X
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    I lost weight but it made no difference to pain levels because the damage was done and it did not prevent further joint deterioration.

    My diet was very restricted in childhood thanks to an over-active immune system, the wrong foods caused either severe eczema or asthma. The meds I take for my auto-immune arthritis mean I can now eat whatever I want but all I have learned is fruit is unreliable when it comes to texture and taste, unlike Mars bars. :wink: For the OA I have learned that if I eat too many acidic foods it aggravates my joints so I keep my intake of pickles and tomatoes to the minimum: tomato is an odd one because auto-immune-wise as a child it made my eczema much worse and now OA-wise it makes that worse even though my immune system is suppressed.

    Diet and supplements will not prevent or improve joint damage: they might for those who do not have arthritis but like to think they do thus proving nothing. The placebo effect is not to be underestimated but it is merely illusion. Eating well and healthily is good for the entire body but will do sweet FA to prevent or repair joint damage. The truth is simple: if diet worked this forum would not exist but it does because it doesn't. DD
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    You are right Dreamdaisy,

    Losing weight won’t prevent or cure any kind of arthritis, but putting less pressure on joints will help, which in turn will help exercise. Exercise helps our joints because the muscles supporting them can do a better job. In some ways too doing something can help you feel in control, and that is very good for your head (maybe mindset) I guess.

    My joints are getting worse in spite of everything, and my new knee will soon have a friend to chat with - and I hope it will behave as well as Knee 1 does!

    Yvonne x
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    Wishing you well for your upcoming knee replacement Yvonne. Hoping it is successful. t4591
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    Many thanks for all your thoughts on the impact of better eating . I've hopefully roped a friend intot he gym idea so hope to get started and break this pain feeling that I am using as an excuse.
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    I have been reading some information on athlete’s having a better recovery rate using a plant based diet.

    Inflammation has been reduced by replacing animal protein with a plant based protein.

    It’s food for thought if you have to deal with a inflammatory condition.
  • Henrietta
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    A very belated thank you Paul as I've only just returned to the forum.

  • Hi, I am still going through a flare up but specialist has put me on steroids to keep me going until he starts me on Benapali.


    Is there a particular diet that I should be following or foods not to eat, hope you can help



  • Tom
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    Welcome to the Online Community @silverlady lovely to see you here.

    I understand you are going through a flare in your arthritis and this is being treated with steroids before starting Benapali.

    There is some good advice concerning diet on the website that you may find useful, including information on weight control, possible supplements and also things that are unlikely to help!

    It may be best l to talk your dietary needs through with a nutritionist.

    Benepali is a biosimilar drug to Etanercept - and is known as an anti-TNF drug. You can read more about this on this helpful page about etanercept:

    Do come back to let us know how you get on, ask questions or call in for a chat or to say how your day has been.

    All best wishes


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