Tablets not working. Now what

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So after 2 weeks on sulphazine I was allergic to them. Then went on to mtx and after a few weeks my liver has gone 3 times higher than normal so have been taken off them as well. I've also been taken off narproxen been told I need 2 clear blood test before they decide what to do which means a month of waiting in the meantime I'm worried the pain will intensify as I can already feel it. Has anyone experienced this.



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    I know you have other health problems which will not be helping and I'm sorry your first two DMARDS haven't worked out for you. This doesn't mean you'll be the same with others but it can sometimes mean a wait until everything is cleared from the system as most meds are processed through the liver.

    I was diagnosed before modern DMARDS so I know it's possible to live with an inflammatory arthritis without them though it's not easy. Stressing about work, though very normal, will only make things worse. All I can suggest is to have a chat with your GP to see what pain relief you might be able to take then try to relax, however difficult. Unfortunately, we can't speed up our livers.
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    Hi. If you’re not allergic to steroids may I suggest asking for a Depo Medrone injection to tie you over.
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    Oh dear Lynda poor you :(

    You have been unlucky. To have your naproxen taken away as an option too. I do feel for you.

    Am I right in thinking you still have the tramadol though. In your shoes I would be talking to my Gp for alternative pain relief, but rather like Jackie 47's suggestion that you speak to your rheumatology nurse about the possibility of a depot steroid injection for short term help.

    Nothing lost trying.

    ((())) hope you can get some help

    Toni xx
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    Thanks everyone for replying. I have had steroids before right at the beginning when the pain was relentless but only for 3 weeks on a reduced dose each week while waiting to see the rheumatologist for the first time. If the pain gets out of hand I'll ask for this again.

    Yes I do still take tramadol which I had managed to reduce to 2 per day from 4 as I had hoped to get of them while on DMARDS but again if I have to increase them again I will although I'm not convinced they work.

    Hopefully it won't take too long for my liver to go back to normal so I can get things underway again.

    Hope everyone on this forum is coping and thanks again for the support. Talking helps.