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Hi All

Just to update you all received my pip decision today, been awarded pip but only standard rate mobility didn’t get enough points to get any towards daily living needs.
I’m very surprised ,as wasn’t expecting it after reading people’s story’s on here.
I’ve been awarded it until 2022.
They have backdated my claim and received payment from them yesterday which was a nice surprise .
I’ve been looking online what else I’m entitled to ,ie council tax first port of call to ring tomorrow also going apply for blue badge every little helps,as you all know it’s expensive having disability !!
Good luck to everyone who may be waiting on decision.
I’ve never claimed anything in my life so nice to get something back after difficulties I’ve been having over past 18 months !!!


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    Fantasic news, Jules, and thanks for sharing it. We hear many bad news stories but not enough of the good news ones. Yes, do go for a BB. The Council might be able to advise on other benefits as might CAB.
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    That is good news and I am pleased for you. I was reduced from high-rate mobility to standard and was somewhat upset to receive standard care too because I thought I was doing OK: complete strangers decided otherwise. I think I too will be reviewed in 2022 which is a comfortingly long way away! I hope that your positive result will encourage others. DD
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    That is great news and l am very pleased that you have got through the process and got what you deserve. I received my sorry decision letter on Friday and sent my reply to there letter today. After reading some of the stories here l do not hold out a lot of hope but thought l should reply to some of the comments that where put in a very different way then stated at the interview. I hope you go on to get all that you are entitled to and assist your everyday well being.
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    that's great news. I found my local CAB office of immense help not only with the practicalities but also with reassurance to not get upset by the letters back.

    I was initially scored zero for everything, based on a 20 minute home visit. With CAB's help I decided to appeal, but I was very distressed about it especially the letter which came with the refusal which, I felt, said the assessor had seen me do everything and could therefore say I wasn't in any pain! CAB basically said don't drive yourself mad with the letter, they often see no consistency or logic behind the variation in decisions. As the first stage is the mandatory reconsideration, they lodged that for me, having told me it was just a stage towards appeal and almost never resulted in a change.

    on the basis of the mandatory reconsideration (and just based on the papers already submitted) I was reassessed and awarded both the standard mobility and living amounts. I think the initial result had been based purely on the assessor report and they hadn't looked at any of the supporting reports from my rheumatologist etc!

    So it's definitely worth pursuing.

  • These assessor's need to be looked into. I have just applied for PIP as I have been struggling for a very long time. My husband recieves it (not because of Arthritis) and when the lad y came out to assess she didnt have a clue about his illness and had to ggogle several things. It's a waste of time and money having to go through an appeal, when it shouldn't have got that far. Please don't give up