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Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Karen, 57 & have been diagnosed with spondyloarthritis, sacroilitis & tenosynovitis 🙄 Have an appointment on Tuesday with Rheumatologist to hopefully sort out medication. Also had a perforated duodenal ulcer & have NAFLD. Honestly for most of my life I was as fit as a flea! Am very interested on how medication will help as have read some pretty grim side effects. Anyway hello everyone & I look forward to joining in with this forum x


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    Hi Karen and welcome to the forum :D

    So sorry to hear after being so fit you now have a diagnosis of spondyloarthritis, sacroiliitis & tenosynovitis. Good news that you have an upcoming appointment with a rheumatologist!

    The list of side effects listed with any drug can be horrific and very off-putting. If you are at all worried that these may affect you, then don't hesitate to discuss them with your doctor and/or pharmacist.

    Do come back and tell us how you get on and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

    Best wishes
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    I have never been fit thanks to being born with auto-immine junk, and don't have any of your conditions, but over the years I have had very little trouble with any of the meds. I began in 1997 with psoriatic arthritis so needed the immuno-suppressant meds, over the years I have tried many. One gave me cracking headaches so I stopped taking it, likewise the one which made me hairy and the one that tried to explode my liver. I never felt ill with the latter two episodes, it was the blood tests that picked up that things were not going right. I now inject methotrexate weekly and humira fortnightly: both control disease activity but have not stopped its progression, merely slowed it.

    Osteoarthritis duly rolled up thanks to the delay in starting the meds and the ones I take for the psoriatic do sweet fanny adams for that. People who have no trouble with the medications naturally assume it's the same for everyone, I've never bothered reading the horror stories on the net because other people are not me, do not have my medical history, my attitudes, my informal medical knowledge gained over many years of dealing with docs or my strategies for coping.

    It must be dreadful when your previously reliable body turns against you, I think my shock if mine began to work as it should would be equally horrific; luckily I will never find out. :lol: Please let us know how you get on at your appointment, I tried to remember my first rheumatology appointment then realised it wouldn't be encouraging for you as they turned me away. Idiots. DD
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    Hi there and welcome from me too.

    I see today is the day. I hope it goes well and you emerge feeling positive. Please let us know.
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    Welcome from me too.

    I hope today went well and the rheumatologist has suggested something which will really help you.

    try not to fear the side effects not everyone gets them and the consequences of not having treatment are far worse.

    Take care